Basically, if it involves words, then I can help.


Any size, all budgets, goals big or small, I just know, all the way to my keyboard-tapping fingertips, that I can bring value to your business.


Below are just some of the things I offer but please get in touch if you need something different.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Copywriting

Fancy term but what does it mean?

Simply put, effective SEO copywriting stops potential customers from having to play Where's Wally to find you in their search results.

The truth is that no one (outside of the hallowed halls of Google) knows EXACTLY how the search engine machines work. If someone guarantees you a page one search result in record time, they're more interested in the invoices they can send you, than getting you genuine and lasting results.

Google penalises dodgy "black hat" SEO tactics (keyword stuffing, backlink farming, thin content etc) so while they may generate an initially positive result, the Google machine usually catches on leaving you worse off from where you began.

As your SEO copywriter I only use "white hat" SEO tactics (keyword optimisation, considered backlink building, comprehensive content strategies etc) to help improve your site's visibility. It takes more time and effort, but the results will leave you in Google's good books rather than the naughty corner.

From engineers to E-commerce, SEO copywriting truly is the secret sauce to taking your business to the next level.

Through creating copy that is specifically targeted towards what your clients are searching for and how you can help them, your site can be front and centre the moment you're needed.

Whether you don't know your title tags from your meta descriptions, or you have a fully planned out content strategy ready to go, I'm ready to help.

So let's appease the algorithms and watch your site become BFF's with Google.


Product descriptions

A thoughtfully crafted and SEO-optimised product description really can be the difference between "Bye bye" and "Buy It Now".

While it's important to optimise your description to increase the chance of bubbling to the top of your ideal client's search results, it's also my job to cause your reader to really feel something when they read about your product.

Capture the hearts and minds, as the saying goes.

If your browser can easily imagine how much better their life would be with your product, then they can be converted into a buyer faster than you can say "Add to Cart".

Targeted search results + connections = conversions.


I engaged Lauren to write 25 product descriptions about a pretty niche product. Lauren did an outstanding job, quickly turning around 25 descriptions that were both unique and descriptive. The whole process was very easy and Lauren was super responsive and easy to work with. Thanks so much, Lauren!

Amy Byrne - Ambit Communications


LinkedIn profiles

These babies pack a punch.

Trust me when I say that if your LinkedIn profile resembles your resume, then quite simply, you're wasting a wonderful opportunity.

LinkedIn is one of THE places to create awareness, build trust and attract new clients.

If you're after a profile that tells your story, shows off your wonderful personality and has your visitors unable to resist connecting with you, then I've got you covered.